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When Jim and I visited South Africa Christmas 2006 I was really touched by all the poverty.  We were visiting our sonís future father in law (Barry) and he told us about the kids supported by the Bank he worked for.  The Bank supplied feeding stations for about 800 kids (mostly Aids orphans) who came each day for one meal. 

One of the things these kids needed was warm woolly jumpers as temperatures plummet during the nights in the winter to minus six degrees.  I promised that when I arrived home I would knit some jumpers to be shipped out.  The kids are all ages up to about 14 years old.

I mentioned this to some friends and they all agreed to knit a jumper for me and that is how the project started.  I decided to put a request on an internet Shetland Sheepdog list I belong to and never in a million years would I have known what a response this would get.

From that day on jumpers have been sent out to Africa in batches.  All were beautifully knitted in very bright colours which is what the kids love.   Those that cannot knit donate wool so that others may knit it up.  People I have never met are sending jumpers through the post.  It is truly amazing. 


I received some photos taken when the jumpers were given out.  How wonderful to see them and to try to pick out jumpers we have knitted.   I hope that you will agree that it is a very worthwhile cause and one that will carry on for quite a while.  Now that I have started knitting I find I cannot stop.  Friends are finding forgotten skills and saying it is very therapeutic.

The total sent to date is now over 1,500 and still rising. 

Since then Barry is now working back in the UK so we have had to find another place for the jumpers to go.  Luckily after an Internet search I found Hope House These people are working in Africa and Eastern Europe and are delighted to take our jumpers and as they are only an hour from us I can deliver them to their warehouse.

If anybody has any spare wool or would like to knit a jumper for me please contact me on 01621 816203.  They can be sent direct to Hope House or I can collect them at some shows I attend. 



August 2010

Jenny  Martin


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